Formed in 1974 by Douglas Fletcher of Derry, New Hampshire, the King's Rangers (known at the time simply as Rogers' Rangers) consisted of just one company. During the U.S. Bicentennial, the embryonic unit participated in many events including the 175th aniversary of Ft. Wellington, Quinte's Isle, Belleville, Onatario, Kingstons, Ontario, United Empire Loyalists (UEL) Annual Convention, 325th of Ft. Chambly, Loyalist Days: Saint John, New   Brunswick as well as the television film April Morning. In 1979, with the help of Tony Parkhouse of the Canadian War Museum, major changes took place. New findings led to changes in clothing and accoutrements. As membership grew, more companies became nec essary. Ruiter's Company, commanded by Captain Horst Dressler of Vermont, was designated in 1984. Pritchard's Company, commanded by Captain Mike Fitzgerald of Connecticut, was activated in 1990.

Today, the Second Battalion of the King's Rangers is represented with a membership stretching from Canada to New England. The King's Rangers are members of the British Brigade, an umbrella organization which honours the memories of those British and American soldiers and their families who served their country while fighting and dying for their beliefs and loyalties during the American War of Independence.